Dinah Mattingly: Everything about Larry Bird’s Wife

Dinah Mattingly, , the wife of Larry bird, is renowned for both her inspirational charity initiatives and her position as a caring mom. This article conveys Dinah Mattingly wedding, children, Young’s life and career, focusing on her compassion, commitment to helping others, and vital support for her son’s basketball career.

Childhood and Personal History

Texas, USA, is where Dinah Mattingly was born and reared. She tries to keep a low profile; thus, little is known about her early years and personal history in the public eye. Her significant philanthropic achievements, however, have drawn notice and respect.

Dinah Mattingly’s net worth

After the marriage of Dinah Mattingly to Larry Bird, her career has never been stated in the media, making this aspect of her life much more or less a mystery. 

Mostly time when Mattingly is discussed in media, it is typically about the career of the famous ex-basketball player.

According to media reports, Mattingly reportedly has an estimated net worth of $2 million, as of 2023. 

Dinah Mattingly age

Mattingly is currently 68 years old. Dinah Mattingly Birthday comes in the month of November and hence mattingly will celebrate her 69th birthday in November 2023.

Dinah Mattingly height

Mattingly is an average-sized woman, standing at around 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She also possesses naturally blonde hair.

A Heart of Philanthropy

The charitable work of Dinah Mattingly has received widespread acclaim. She has devoted herself to several philanthropic initiatives because she sincerely desires to benefit society. Her charitable work inspires people to help those in need by using their resources and influence.

Initiated by Trae Young

Dinah Mattingly founded the Trae Young Foundation perfectly exemplifies her dedication to charity. The organization, which bears her son’s name, strives to empower and enhance the lives of young people dealing with hardship. The foundation focuses on community development, health, and education to open doors and encourage progress.

Wedding of Dinah Mattingly

Dinah Mattingly met Larry Bird while studying at ‘Indiana State University’ in Terre Haute, Indiana. After dating for many years, Dinah and Larry got engaged in the late 1980s. After a couple of years they decided to get married. Dinah and Larry got married on October 31, 1989, in Indiana, United States. Wedding Of Dinah Mattingly was a low-key affair as it was attended only by close friends and relatives.

Childs of Dinah Mattingly

After the Wedding of Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird, they adopted 2 children, namely Mariah and Connor. Their son Connor Bird made headlines in February 2013, when he was charged with attempted murder as he tried to hit his ex-girlfriend with his car. Dinha Mattingly and Larry Bird’s daughter Mariah was hired as the manager of event activations and venues for the NBA team Indiana Pacers. Following on her dad’s ties on basketball, Mariah also got close to the game.

Effective Initiatives

Dinah Mattingly has started the Trae Young Foundation and various worthwhile initiatives. One noteworthy endeavor is the scholarship program, which offers financial support to eligible students seeking higher education. This initiative hopes to pave the road to success by removing obstacles to education.

The Dinah Mattingly Foundation has contributed to issues linked to health and education. The foundation has donated to medical research with an emphasis on cancer therapy and pediatric healthcare. These projects show her dedication to enhancing the well-being of people and families dealing with health issues.

Promoting Social Change

The charity of Dinah Mattingly Young encompasses a variety of issues. She is a vocal supporter of social change, utilizing her position to spread the word and advance equality and inclusion. She promotes conversation and works to motivate people to speak out against injustice through her acts and support.


Larry Bird’s wife Dinah Mattingly is notable because of her dedication to charity and unwavering support for her son Trae Young. She sets an example for people with her compassion and commitment to having a good effect. Dinah Mattingly continues to open doors, improve communities, and spark change via the Trey Young Foundation and her other endeavors. Her motherly care and altruism will have a long-lasting effect on many people’s lives.

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