In This Moon Phase Soulmate, You May Find Out If Your Lover Is Your True Soulmate Or Not, Thanks To The Tiktok Fad

As people participate in an original and fun method to assess compatibility with their mates, the moon phase soulmate fad on TikTok is growing in popularity. Participants attempt to determine whether their moon phases coincide, suggesting a possible soulmate connection, by superimposing the moon phase of their birthday with that of their significant other. Users of TikTok have been interested in this trend and are ready to share their results with their followers.

What is the Moon Phase Soulmate trend on TikTok?

 You can adhere to these guidelines to take part in the moon phase soulmate TikTok trend. To find the moon phase that corresponds to your birth date, first, go to a website that lists the phases of the moon. Take a screenshot of the moon phase, and if required, crop it to fit your tastes. Make sure that the moon phase image matches the first one by repeating this procedure using your partner’s birthdate.

The CapCut programme, which can be used to produce movies with a variety of effects and templates, should then be downloaded. Using the CapCut template to locate a TikTok video showcasing the soulmate trend. Choose “Use template in CapCut” after tapping “CapCut Try this template.” By doing so, you’ll be able to select the two moon phase photographs you selected from your photos in the CapCut app. Edit the text to add the dates of your and your partner’s birthdays before seeing the movie. Lastly, export your work and share it with your TikTok followers by clicking “Add sound in TikTok.”

Users of TikTok are enthralled by the moon phase soulmate craze and are eagerly partaking by uploading videos of their moon phases converging. The idea is based on the idea that strong compatibility and the possibility of soul mates may be predicted by the alignment of moon phases with birthdates. It has spread like wildfire and attracted a lot of interest and interaction.

You may easily follow the methods listed above to do the moon phase soulmate trend. You may get the precise moon phase related to a certain day by going to a website on moon phases and entering your birthdate. Take a screenshot of the moon phase, then edit it as you see fit. To ensure that your partner’s moon phase image is the same size and style as yours, repeat this step using their birthday.

You must download the CapCut app in order to make an interesting TikTok video. A range of video editing tools and templates are available in CapCut to help you improve your material. Search for a TikTok video utilising the CapCut design that demonstrates the soulmate trend. Choose a video that appeals to you, then click it “CapCut Choose “Use the template in CapCut” and click “Test this template.” By doing so, the CapCut app will open, allowing you to select the two moon phase photos you previously took. After choosing the photos, watch the movie in preview mode and edit the text to include the birthdays of both you and your companion. To export and share the movie with the TikTok community if you are pleased with it, click “Add sound in TikTok.”

Users are avidly partaking in the moon phase soulmate trend on TikTok to ascertain their compatibility based on the alignment of moon phases. It provides users with a chance to share their findings and communicates with their followers while also giving a fun and engaging approach to investigating the concept of soulmates.

By studying the moon phase soulmate trend on TikTok, customers may occupy an enjoyable hobby and hypothetically learn a specific connection with their partner. It has become a well-known way to communicate personal experiences and create influences about relationships and compatibility among the active TikTok community.


What is a TikTok,?

TikTok, a well-known short-form video presenting site, is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. It permits customers to make and share short audio-driven videos escorted by music or other audio files. TikTok has attained great worldwide expansion with its platform for innovation, entertainment, and social interaction.

What is the moon’s phase?

The appearance of the lighted portion of the moon that is exposed to direct sunlight is known as its phase. Over the lunar month, the moon goes through several phases, including a new moon, crescent moon, half moon, and full moon. The Moon’s position in regard to the Earth and the Sun influences its phase, resulting in a variety of illuminated formations seen from the Earth.

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