How to Build Muscle: Tips and Tricks to Increase Muscle 


A warm welcome to all readers! You may have seen many people with great muscles and great personalities. Have you ever wondered how they have such great muscles? And What do they do to have muscles in their body? In this blog, we are going to discuss the same questions and you will get the best tips to increase the muscles of your body.

Basic requirements for building muscle

As per the study of Anatomics, to generate force our skeletal muscles play an important role which consists of a sequence of parallel cylindrical fibres that undergo contraction. Every outward human motion happens by the allowance of these muscle contractions. Our bodies continuously engage

es in multiple activities like ongoing regeneration and utilization of the amino acid which is the base of the protein blocks present in our muscle.

Instead of adding protein, if our body removes much protein then we will face losing the mass of our muscles. To enhance muscles our body needs to have proteins more than it removes.

The term muscle hypertrophy is known for the processes which involve enhancing our muscle mass and this is what every training focused on primarily. as per

There are many key factors that play their role in building muscle such as hormones like testosterone and growth hormone which are present in our body and also the amino acids and other nutrients.

Getting enough protein and all nutrients is the only primary tool for enhancing the body’s protein rate and performing resistance training which helps in building new muscle tissues.

According to many case studies doing resistance training using heavy weights and taking the high protein is the only proved and applied training method for increasing muscles 

The requirement for building muscle is adding more protein molecules in our muscles compared to removing protein from the body. To achieve the goal it is necessary to have proper nutrition and proper weight training.

Tips for how to gain muscle

There are several exercises that help in increasing health but the most valuable approach is through the engagement of our muscles against moderate to heavy resistance and yes the more you use your muscles the more it builds.

1. Aim for the desired number of repetitions

For building muscle it is very useful to follow the training on regular repetitions. Performing 1 to 20 repetitions of weight training activities with the preferable weight is required for improving our muscle growth. Lifting preferred weights for 6 to 12 repetitions helps in building more muscle and lifting the same preferred weights for 12 to 20 repetitions can help in enhancing our muscular endurance.

Consistency in Rep-range

The more you do rap the more benefits of it you get. However, the below-defined ranges of raps show the benefits accordingly.

  1. Reps between 1 to 5: helps in generating more strength 
  2. Reps between 6 to 12: help in gaining more muscle
  3. Reps between 12 to 20: muscular endurance gets generated

But one can customise it in his own way also like if we are doing raps for repetition of 3 with preferred weight then there will be some growth in muscle and if are doing the same for repetition of 8 times then it will generate more strength and also same for repetition of 20 then it will enhance the muscle building.

According to a study, it has been said that lifting weights totally depends on everyone’s capacity and their strength so lifting heavy weights and high reps with light weights will surely help in enhancing muscles.

2. Go for preferred weights

For everyone who is enthusiastic in muscle building, they should go for the 20 reps with the weights which are heavy and near to impossible for 20 reps.

Like if you have planned to go for 10 sets with preferable weights then the last one should be the toughest to perform and should be nearly impossible to do and you won’t be able to do anymore except for more than 2 times then only you will see the complete growth of the muscles.
Although you should go for every mentioned range and see the results coming from which range then go for it regularly.

3. Go for useful Activities 

As we have already discussed that the more muscle is being used the more building of muscle you will see. In the same way, we can see increasing the size of the biceps as it depends on how much you are taking the use of biceps for exercises such as pullups, bicep curls or compound movement. For building muscle if we see the best physical exercises which really work then the term compound and isolation movements work equally effectively. However, following both the terms in regular training for a long time period then it will work best for increasing muscles in the body.

Multiple big muscle groups get majorly generated in a single exercise which is the barbell back squat and in doing real-life tasks it provides more functional movement. Energetic workouts and generating practical muscles in more precisely these both aspects get led by doing mentioned exercises.

For beginner-level learning, isolation movements can be safer and easier as compared to compound movements  because isolation movements can be used for particular muscle growth in starting you don’t go for the entire body that’s why you are needed to go with it or else you won’t be able to for extras at the end of the workout 

4. Avoid overtraining with a planned workout

3 to 5 compound movements with sets of 3 and also the same number of sets for 1 to 2 isolation movements can be performed which is derived from a good rule of thumb

Practically, for compound movement, we should go with the heaviest sets and for isolation movement, we should go for the ranges of higher repetitions.

Suppose if you are doing every exercise for sets of 3 then take up to 5 to 7 movements for each workout.

It will enhance the overall muscle without any symptoms of overtraining.


With the help of all repetition ranges we can enhance our building muscle and every person can have different preferences for performing exercise likewise some will go for higher to lower weights and some will go from lower to higher repetitions by following isolation and compound movements respectively. 

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